11 effective ways to grow your online business as an entrepreneur

Since the Corona Virus pandemic and major lockdown in 2020, Nigerians have swiftly adapted to exploring the possibilities that come with internet connectivity in advancing their means of livelihood. Here are a number of them you should consider if you are not already doing them.

1. Have some social media presence

This seems like online business 101 but trust us, there’s more to it. The general goal of having a social media page by most entrepreneurs is to gather plenty of likes, retweets and followers. While these are important, positioning your brand appropriately for existing, potential and even non-customers should be key. Metrics for this is measured by post reach and impressions, page visits, actions taken on your posts and of course, engagement.

2. Have an attractive branding

Get a good graphics designer to create an image for your brand. Make it simple yet classy from profile display logo to headers, watermark on business posts and so on. One of the many tips to create a more attractive outlook for your brand is to create a story highlight on Instagram and segment different aspects of your business  to give easy access to people looking for a specific thing.

3. Know your audience

Be unapologetic about your target audience. If you sell luxury items for instance, tailor your contents around luxurious getaway locations in Lagos, Abuja and other cities, cool hangout spots, high profile events and much more. Don’t be afraid to segment. You are online for the sole purpose of satisfying your target audience

4. Build an email list

You can build your email list by creating a landing page, getting people to signup, using google forms and information gotten from customers after purchase of an item. This way you can stay in touch with them and send them promotional offers, updates, new products and more.

5. Host contests and giveaways

This is one of the fastest ways to grab people’s attention on social media. The aim of a giveaway is not to dash free money or goods, it is to get your contestants to carry out a marketing endeavor for you. Have that in the back of your mind next time you host a giveaway. Tie winning to a task that benefits your brand. For example, ask them to post your most popular product on their story or timeline with a copywritten caption and the post with the most engagements wins.

6. Use a reliable dispatch service

To enable you focus on more productive things, outsource delivery of your products to a reliable dispatch service who can treat the goods with utmost care and make sure it conveys your intent of giving your customer the best experience in timeliness of dellivery and care of the product. 

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7. Post customer reviews

Reviews and feedback from satisfied customers resound the quality of your services or products in the ears of potential customers and their review may be just what is needed to convert them to paying customers. 

8. Network online

Connect with businesses that aren’t competition of your brand but have similar interests and collaborate to make both your businessess better. For example, as a shoemaker, collaborate with a clothing brand and communicate with them on future partnerships.

9. Run paid promotions to reach new people

Use targeted ads to market your products to new people and show them what they are missing out on. Make your call to action precise, use short but appealing captions and go straight to the point. Don’t attempt storytelling unless it is a solid and unusual content. 

10. Latch on to trending topics

Trends on social media are the perfect means to showcase your brand and gain brand awareness. What matters is creating content around the trend that aligns with your brand intentions like capitalizing on the fact that Pere shot his shot at Maria in the BBNaija (Big Brother Naija) house and got curved. This can be used by a love and lifestyle brand in a strategic way to get people talking.

11. Make use of brand influencers

You should never get tired of marketing your brand. Whether by getting a famous person to retweet a brand post or splashing hundreds of millions to sponsor a reality TV show like Abeg app and Patricia who are headline sponsors of season 6 of BBNaija. Using brand influencers is an effective way to promote your brand as followers of the influencer, be it a brand or public figure, would be interested in trying out a product that’s getting utilized by the person or brand they love so much.


You are already one step closer to establishing your brand and making sales online. Just folow the steps and it’s a smooth ride. You can start by downloading the picndrop app and you already have number 6 covered. Goodluck, we hope to see your brand on the big screen soon😃