The Effects of Logistics on the Environment

Logistics businesses basically mean transportation and delivery services. Picndrop is one such courier service running in Lagos city and in process of expanding to other areas as of now. The service aims to connect potential customers in need of transportation to the drivers it has employed. These drivers or delivery partners use their own personal […]

Ten Tips to Running Your Own Logistics Business with Ease

Logistics, transportation, and delivery services are gaining more popularity and footing in today’s business and marketing world with the passage of time. Large businesses rely on logistics services to help facilitate the transportation and delivery processes of their products. Transportation and delivery services are an important part of a lot of companies in today’s world. […]

Five Ways to Avoid Traffic in Lagos City

An important aspect of the delivery and errand services in navigating the traffic. Big cities, in particular, are affected by heavy flows of traffic. In order to provide adequate pick and drop services, you need to deliver the goods on time. Being stuck in traffic while carrying a delivery package is not an ideal situation […]

How Do I Track My Delivery?

The world of technology and social media is perpetually evolving and making life and tasks easier for people. That is one of the primary purposes of technology, to facilitate people’s lives and ease their burdens. In the ever-evolving, fast-paced world of today, you need assistance with certain aspects of your daily lives so that you […]

How Courier Services Help Businesses to Grow?

It is essential for businesses, factories, manufacturers, and buyers to connect promptly. Phones have solved the communication part of the business; however, goods need to be transferred from one location to the other, and the faster the transfer is, the better returns can be earned. This is where the role of courier services comes into […]

8 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Reliable Delivery Service

We need to courier a lot of items, objects, and stuff that includes papers, company products, bulky furniture, delicate electronics, computers, and Air Conditioners. Sometimes our business is set up in such a way that we require delivery services more than others. These services are unlimited, however, their availability is scarce, and it is very […]

Delivery Services: Innovations and Emerging Needs

The world around us is evolving at an incredibly fast pace. Even the recent pandemic gave way to innovations. Today we will talk about innovations and emerging needs for delivery services. Yes, the innovation in delivery services, delivery companies in Lagos, and the emerging needs in delivery services. Due to the Internet’s presence and the ease of […]