Delivery Logistics and its’ socio-economic impact on the Nigerian economy

Logistics or errand services are all about transporting goods from source to destination and the process of planning and controlling them. In simple words, logistics is about taking goods to a place where they are needed. Doesn’t it sound easy and simple? The answer is a BIG NO. This is because logistics is something that becomes extremely complex when the global supply chain increases massively.

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Prime the Facts About the Logistics

Let us look at the facts about the logistics to know more and understand things better.

  • Logistics is one of the topmost and the largest industries.
  • In approx. 70% or even more transfers, all deliveries, and freight are dependent on trucks. In reality, trucks are good at transporting $671 billion worth of manufactured goods every year.
  • There exist more than 3.5 million truck drivers making deliveries all over the world. They are to move freight, which means that the trucking industry employs one out of every 15 people working in the company.
  • The logistics industry comprises six different sectors: road transport, rail, aviation, maritime, warehousing, and storage.
  • Companies that outsource their logistics reduce shipping costs, on average, by about 13 percent.
  • Over 90 percent of third-party logistics companies believe that the keys to success are communication, flexibility, and openness.
  • Third-party logistics companies have a vast resource network that allows them to execute each step in the supply chain efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Businesses report that the main reason for outsourcing logistics is flexibility; a third-party logistics company can scale space, labor, and transportation according to a company’s needs.
  • By outsourcing logistics, businesses benefit from investments in new technology for transportation and shipping without sacrificing their capital.
  • Logistics has two main focus directions, internal and external (inbound and outbound), although most companies only focus on one.

Socio-economic impact on the Nigerian economy

Socio economy is a social science studying how economic activities and facilities are affected and nicely shaped by social processes. It perfectly analyzes and checks modern societies, including their progress, stages, regress, and much more. Societies are of three types, including social, cultural, and economic. The same also refers to the ways and methods to influence the environment

Nigeria’s economy is down and has been transferred from the only niche, i.e., agriculture and services. More than 52% of Nigeria’s GDP is coming from manufacturing and services.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Nigeria’s economy has the structure, which has changed prominently. The country’s economy has been transferred (as said earlier), and this mechanization and rural-urban migration lead to a decline in people having agricultural skills and qualifications. The growth is also recorded, and they are discussing something. In the services sector, there is good progress.

Political stability has increased, and there is always some considerable discussion in the service sector, especially IT.

The oil and gas industry has played a vital role in the Nigerian economy. No doubt, they have 11th biggest oil reserves worldwide, and 90% or more Nigerian populations have the international currency coming from oil.  The fast-growing one is in Nigeria and is a manufacturing department. A cheap and plentiful labor force is combined with big markets, and they have caused the greatest increases in the country’s economic growth.

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How can Delivery Economy Affect Nigeria?


Nobody wants to pay for delivery costs, and customers are in love with the rates, offers, vouchers, or discounts, which offer no delivery or reduce the same. Delivery services in Lagos involve no limits for delivery and they are available 24/7


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Real-time tracking of deliveries makes the best user experience, hence, resulting in repeated customers plus orders. Everything needs to be transparent and clear. Picndrop, being one of the best Delivery companies in Lagos, is offering its customers the transparent product deliveries


On-demand delivery apps offer the ability to track shipments and deliveries by the minute gives real-time updates on the progress of the delivery. Here, consumers build their trust for the brand, and business boosts the revenues. Hence, the country’s economy rises.

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