Five Ways to Avoid Traffic in Lagos City

Five Ways to Avoid Traffic in Lagos City

An important aspect of the delivery and errand services in navigating the traffic. Big cities, in particular, are affected by heavy flows of traffic. In order to provide adequate pick and drop services, you need to deliver the goods on time. Being stuck in traffic while carrying a delivery package is not an ideal situation since you would most likely end up not reaching the destination in time to deliver the products. Such an unfortunate incident can be the cause of unpleasantness for all involved, including the customer.

Picndrop is a delivery and courier service operating out of Lagos. It has to maintain certain standards to be able to retain its position as the best pickup and delivery service in Lagos. Lagos is the largest city in the country of Nigeria, and being one of the big cities, it has its fair share of traffic problems. To run efficient pick and drop services in the city of Lagos, one needs to be skilled at handling and navigating the traffic.

How fast can you deliver the goods is one of the defining aspects of the success of any logistics and transportation business. Once the customer has made the request through the Picndrop app, the delivery partner the app connects to the customer to take on the task needs to pick up the goods and deliver them to the destination location within a reasonable time frame. The delivery partners hence need to be equipped with certain tips and tools in order to accomplish this task. Avoiding the traffic jams that can slow you down and hinder your performance is one of the priorities.

Let us discuss some helpful tips to avoid and navigate traffic in the city of Lagos that can improve your chances of carrying the task to term with proficiency and minimal hindrance within the specified time frame.

1. Plan Ahead

Having a proper plan in the face of emergency and unfortunate situations is the wise thing to do. Planning beforehand has the advantage of a clear head since you are not already panicking, as you can be prone to while stuck in an unfavorable situation. Planning ahead can entail the following steps.

*Keep a knowledge of the alternative routes

In case you find that traffic is jammed on your usual route, you should be aware of alternative routes that you can use to reach your destination without being stuck in traffic. That way, the courier service you are carrying out at the moment will not get delayed.

*Listen in on traffic reports

Certain news channels give out daily morning and evening reports of the city’s traffic conditions, much like they do with the weather. You can take advantage of this particular broadcast and familiarize yourself with the traffic conditions before starting your journey. That way, you can be prepared in advance to take the required steps to avoid driving into a traffic jam.

*Make use of your social circle

You should contact your family and friends, and acquaintances. Anyone that you know to be regularly commuting within the city would be aware of different routes and the conditions of the traffic. They can help you decide which courses you want to avoid.

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2. Make Use of Your GPS

The built-in GPS devices in the vehicles can come in handy in this aspect. These devices are continuously monitoring the roads and alerting you of the traffic situation ahead at any given moment. They are helpful in suggesting to you alternate, clearer routes. Sometimes they can even automatically change your route to an emptier one. You should inspect your vehicle’s GPS device and determine what services and features it offers so that you can make full use of it. Your GPS can likely be vital in helping you evade the jammed and clustered roads.

3. Get Help from Traffic Apps

The digital world is overtaking every aspect of life. There are apps to facilitate you with almost all the regular, everyday tasks. Similarly, traffic apps are here to help you with road safety and traffic flow to help save your time and keep you from encountering trouble while on the road.

These traffic apps often provide camera feeds and footage to show you an accurate picture of the roads’ current situation. You can learn about the traffic conditions and flow on all the city’s major highways at any given time. Navigating through these apps, you can foretell if you will have to take alternative ways to get to your designated location.

These apps sometimes also include the social features where the app connects you to fellow drivers in the city. You can get information about the traffic situation in various locations and roads from your exchange with these drivers. Putting all this information and insights together, you can plan a proper course of action for carrying out your pick and drop task flawlessly.

However, if you use these apps, be sure not to drive and use your phone simultaneously. Park your vehicle in an appropriate spot before going on your phone to seek guidance from these apps.

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4. Avoid Rush Hour If You Can

The early morning and the late afternoons are the rush hours in the city of Lagos since most of the people are on the road traveling to and from school or work. Avoiding rush hour is one of the most effective methods of escaping a traffic jam. However, in delivery services, it’s not always possible since it’s not up to you what time a customer decides to make their order.

If the customer’s request for pick and drop services happens to coincide with the rush hour, try communicating the issue with the customer. Ask them if they can manage a little flexibility in the schedule. It does not have to be a large gap as leaving just a little earlier or later can effectively help you avoid rush hour. If the customer does not want to wait, and you have to drive during the rush hour, go at a consistent speed. That way, you can help maintain the flow of the traffic instead of hindering the pace further.

5. Smaller Vehicles and HOV Lanes

Depending on the size, weight, and quantity of the products you are tasked with delivering, use a smaller and lighter vehicle if you can. Vehicles like bicycles, motorcycles, and scooters can make their way through traffic owing to their smaller sizes and lighter builds. They are sometimes allowed to drive between lanes, or you can take them along narrow side-streets where bigger vehicles can not go.

Although you can not always rely on lighter vehicles, they cannot always support the weight or amount of the products you are to deliver. Thus, you would have to take a car or another vehicle better suited to the products’ requirements. In that case, taking the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicles) lane can help you avoid the crowd since there are mostly fewer cars on these lanes.

These steps can help facilitate the pickup and delivery services in Lagos by making your journey on the road easier and smoother.