How courier services help businesses to grow

How Courier Services Help Businesses to Grow?

It is essential for businesses, factories, manufacturers, and buyers to connect promptly. Phones have solved the communication part of the business; however, goods need to be transferred from one location to the other, and the faster the transfer is, the better returns can be earned. This is where the role of courier services comes into play. 

Luckily there are many courier services to help move goods from point A to B. However, finding logistics companies in Lagos can be a hassle. Most of the time, their services aren’t properly and centrally listed, and the ones that you can find can either be costly or not available when you need them.

Conventional Logistics Companies in Lagos:

Dealing with conventional courier services in Lagos is a big hassle. Suppose you are a casual business or person sending items, not regularly. In that case, your options are either to find an individual cargo vehicle or locate and contact one of the many logistics companies in Lagos

In either case, the hassle of finding a courier company or a courier vehicle is time-consuming, and you are never sure if the price they gave you is the right one or not. Many of the listed logistics companies are so large that they will not take walk-ins or small businesses’ jobs.

They simply do not have the time and resources to spare. If you want to use those logistics companies in Lagos, you will need to sign a contract with them. The minimum contract period (in most cases) is for a quarter of a year, and then you are bound to use them whether you like them or not.

Whether a vehicle is readily available to you or not, you have to wait for them to come and collect your load or product to transport. If you need a quick alternative, without the hassle of contracts and stuck with a single company, you should opt for Picndrop services.

Picndrop Courier Services App:

Picndrop solves all the courier-related pickup and delivery service issues a business or an individual has to face in Lagos. Picndrop is the most innovative and modern courier service in Lagos. You do not have to look for courier services in Lagos over the Internet or in business directories.

You no longer need to sign contracts with logistics companies in Lagos. Just download the Picndrop free app from the App Store or Play Store. Signup and order a courier van, a cargo vehicle, or a bike delivery in Lagos from the comfort of your office or home.

Using your smartphone, you can now order courier service in Lagos. We are a courier hailing service in Lagos that you can use whenever you need to, and you are not bound by any unjust or binding contract.

As soon as you need a courier vehicle, a cargo van, a moving cab, or a bike delivery service in Lagos, just open our app, locate and order the vehicle nearest to you. Using the Picndrop app for courier services in Lagos is easy and convenient.

Our courier pricing is consistent and straightforward. You can know beforehand whether the courier vehicle you are ordering is a good one or not because each of the vehicles registered with us goes through a rigorous testing process.

On top of that, customers like you get to review the vehicle and the driver according to their experiences.

Picndrop delivery services in Lagos are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You have the option to choose the type of vehicle and the time according to your schedule. You no longer have to keep on working on the schedule of logistics companies in Lagos, as you can make a schedule and routine that is convenient for you.

Picndrop for Vehicle Owners and Courier Companies:

If you are the owner of a cargo or delivery vehicle you can join the Picndrop courier delivery service in Lagos. Joining our platform is very easy. However, we do run background checks on the driver of the vehicle and physically inspect the fitness of your cargo vehicle you want to enlist on our app.

Using the Picndrop app is also an excellent opportunity for logistics companies in Lagos. You can double your business without any additional expenses. We do business a lot differently than the conventional courier companies in Lagos; you will need to adapt those norms for you and our customer’s needs.