How Do I Track My Delivery?

The world of technology and social media is perpetually evolving and making life and tasks easier for people. That is one of the primary purposes of technology, to facilitate people’s lives and ease their burdens.

In the ever-evolving, fast-paced world of today, you need assistance with certain aspects of your daily lives so that you can relax and focus on the more important and pressing matters at hand in your day-to-day activities. Same, Picndrop helps you to know the complete process of how do you track your delivery?

Picndrop Service in Lagos

One such platform dedicated to helping you out and facilitating your existence is Picndrop, providing the best pickup and delivery service in Lagos. There are absolutely no restrictions on time and the number and size of items you wish to transport.

Still, this great errand service also offers a range of various other features and benefits for you to reap. These include tracking your delivery, being aware of the delivery process’s status and progress, and watching your desired items delivered to your provided location in real-time.

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How Picndrop App Helps?

To avail of the best-provided delivery services in Lagos, you have to download the Picndrop app from the Apple app store or the Google play store and install it on your mobile device, and from there on, it’s an easy and smooth process.

Choose Location

There’s no hassle or complications. You have to put in the pickup location and the destination location, provide the contact number, the nature, and the number of the items you wish to have delivered, along with the size and weight, a picture, and any other additional information if needed.

Choose Preferred Vehicle

Then you choose your preferred vehicle, and you are all set to make your order. Once the request has been made, the app will do the rest of your work. This includes connecting you to a suitable nearby delivery partner as per the size, weight, and the number of the items you wish to transport between source and destination and the vehicle’s choice.

Status and Tracking

Once the driver has picked up your order and has set on their journey to deliver it to your specified destination location, there is no need for you to call them to inquire about your delivery package’s status. You can track the progress of your delivery easily on your very own mobile device from the comfort of your home or whichever place you might be at the moment.

It would be best if you had your phone connected to the internet. The app will show your delivery order’s status in progression throughout the user journey, right from the pickup location to the destination location until your package is safely delivered to your desired location.

At any moment within the span of your delivery order in motion, you can access the information of its progress simply by opening the app on your phone. As long as you are logged into your account on the Picndrop app, you need to do nothing else. You only need to check on your delivery order’s status and track its progress.

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Similarly, suppose you are on the receiving end and you have arranged for some products like food or any other kind of goods at all to be picked up from a particular location and delivered to you. In that case, you can track its delivery status from the app to know how far along your package is and at what estimated time it will be arriving at your place.


It is a process as simple as it gets, and it puts you at great ease of mind to see that your package is on its correct route to its supposed destination. Picndrop takes the responsibility of transporting your goods very seriously and handles your comfort and peace of mind into consideration as a priority.

Hence, it provides you with easy access to your order’s progress throughout the process until the package arrives at its supposed location. You can set the package on its way and sit back and relax because you know that Lagos’s best courier service is doing its job. It doesn’t get better than this.

Customer Care

At Picndrop delivery services, customer care is at the core of the logistics process. The vehicles carrying your products have been properly registered with the company and the drivers carefully vetted. Plus, having been able to track the particular vehicle carrying your goods gives you great satisfaction, rids you of any reservations you might have had, and elevates your sense of security and trust in the company.

The process of tracking your delivery does not include any complications. You have to enter the app once after ordering, and your items will be on their way. You will be able to check the advancement and estimate your package’s time of arrival to its sanctioned location.


Picndrop is the best pick and drop service available in Lagos, which is in the process of expanding to other areas and locations as of now. You will do good to allow them to take care of your needs and complete your delivery requests with great proficiency while providing you with a lot of options and features such as choosing your preferred time and vehicle according to your needs and tracking your delivery.