Things to consider before choosing a reliable delivery service in Lagos

8 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Reliable Delivery Service

We need to courier a lot of items, objects, and stuff that includes papers, company products, bulky furniture, delicate electronics, computers, and Air Conditioners. Sometimes our business is set up in such a way that we require delivery services more than others.

These services are unlimited, however, their availability is scarce, and it is very hard to find a reliable service in Lagos. We are also providing bike delivery services in Lagos that operate at a very small scale, and again there is a significant reliability factor involved. You just cannot trust anyone to deliver your goods.

Picndrop is offering new kinds of services that are unique. It is easy and convenient to find a cargo van, large cargo vehicles, small delivery vehicles, and even bike delivery services in Lagos using the new and modern business model of Picndrop.

Following are the things to consider before you choose a reliable pickup and delivery service:

Ease of Availability

The first and foremost of the things to consider before choosing a reliable delivery service is the ease of availability. The vehicle needed to transport your items should be readily available to you. Nowadays, people rely on their smartphones more than their computers and landline telephones.

The services required should be available on your phone. Check if the service you need is offering a mobile application or not. Choose the one that you can book right from a device you use the most all day long – your smartphone.

Ease of Booking

Once you can locate the vehicle that you require, among the things to consider before choosing a reliable courier services in Lagos is its ease of booking. Always select a service that you can easily book, like using just your mobile phone. It is of no use to have vehicles available but not being able to book them for the job at hand.

Picndrop can be used to check the availability of delivery vehicles and booking right from their Android App and Apple Store App.

Tracking Facility

Whether you require bike delivery services in Lagos or large vehicles for delivering your goods, you will have additional peace of mind knowing where your package is at a particular time. Make sure to demand a tracking facility when you are choosing a delivery partner.

Price Control

The biggest issue in finding and then utilizing is price control. Every company, every van, and every vehicle have its rates. Having different rates can be a headache to deal with and will disrupt your business flow and profit margins. To give the best estimates and rates to your clients, make sure to choose a delivery service in Lagos that has price control.

Ratings and Reviews

Our business depends on the quality of service we get. You will benefit a lot by knowing the kind of service you are getting if you know about its quality beforehand. For instance, you own a very nice furniture store in Lagos.You handle your clients with the highest level of respect, but the delivery driver and the delivery van mishandle not only your client’s cargo (furniture) but are also rude to them, which will indirectly reflect on your business. Make sure to include in your list of things to consider before choosing a reliable delivery service to know about the service provider.

Wide Range of Vehicles

Before committing to certain delivery services in Lagos you should know what kind of delivery vehicles are offered by the service. For instance, when you choose to work with Picndrop service, you can be sure that from small delivery vehicles to large vehicles, all kinds of vehicles are available in our fleet 24/7. This will give you an added confidence that just by launching our app, you can book a delivery vehicle of your choice in no time.

Customer Service

A delivery service should have excellent customer service. When you are entrusting a service with pricey or priceless cargo, you should have peace of mind that you have a clear line of communication with them and that there is someone present all the time to hear your complaints, grievances, and even praise.

Areas Covered

This is an equally important point to consider. The choosen service should have no objections to delivering your goods and items to any location that you choose. You should work with those services which can carry your goods and items to your customers or offices.

Delivery Services in Lagos

Based on the 8 things to consider before choosing a reliable delivery service, we are glad to tell you that Picndrop service is offering new and exceptional services in Lagos. You can book a delivery vehicle of your choice using a smartphone any time of the day. We pride ourselves on outstanding service and excellent customer service.

Bike Delivery Services in Lagos

In addition to offering all kinds of services, we offer fast and reliable bike delivery services in Lagos as well. Our services are excellent for sending small, lightweight items within the city in a matter of minutes and hours.sele